100 Years in the Making

Celebrate a Century


Meaden & Moore was founded in Cleveland, Ohio right after World War I. Douglas Meaden was one of the first CPAs in Ohio and had been serving clients before joining the military. He formally started the firm in 1919, during Cleveland’s industrial growth. V.J. Moore, a wounded and honorably discharged veteran, applied for a job with Meaden in 1922 as an “adding machine expert" and formed a partnership with Meaden in 1935. What began as a small firm has grown into an international advisory firm with over 200 specialists, in eighteen offices spanning the U.S., U.K. and Canada.

Meaden & Moore has been able to adapt, expand and thrive for over six generations of ownership because of the culture of professionalism and entrepreneurial spirit created by our founders. Our core values are preserved from one generation to another: do what’s right for our clients, our people and our communities.  Each generation has been able to cultivate the firm by enabling our employees to develop the professional skills necessary to support our clients’ changing needs. Our focus is always on ways to create future opportunities for our clients and our people.


Where it all began...

Douglas S. Meaden establishes Meaden & Moore in the lobby of Cleveland Trust Company. Douglas Meaden becomes first managing partner.


Meaden for President

Douglas Meaden played a role in developing the laws and regulations relating to taxation. “Meaden was a very strong advocate for clients in hearings before the IRS,” The Story of Ohio Accountancy says, “and was known to argue cases before the Board of Tax Appeals, now the Tax Court. Mr. Meaden is credited with one ‘landmark’ case involving the payment of accrued salary with a corporate note. He also assisted in writing the regulations on the installment method of reporting, and several of the firm’s retail furniture clients pioneered the use of installment reporting for tax purposes.”


Birth of Meaden & Moore

Vernon J. Moore forms a partnership with Douglas Meaden and becomes second managing partner. V.J. Moore becomes President of Ohio Society of CPAs, Cleveland Chapter in 1923 and again in 1935-36. He is elected President of the Ohio Society of CPAs from 1936-37.


Justice Served

Meaden & Moore purchases the practice of Howard Slagle, who began his independent practice in 1928. Raymond H. Croyle, later a partner at Meaden & Moore, was a part of the Slagle practice and joined Meaden & Moore in 1942. The Slagle practice included many accounts in the Salem and Wooster areas. It was the Howard Slagle practice, as continued and built by Ray Croyle, that formed the base for Meaden & Moore’s second office in Wooster, Ohio that opened in 1968.

Ray Croyle also took a case all the way to the Supreme Court. The client who rented large equipment, often sold it for more than they had paid for it, and Ray was able to get capital gains treatment for these transactions. Each sale required the firm to prepare a lengthy schedule attached to the Company’s federal tax return.


What’s up Doc

Lloyd L. “Doc” Walters joins the firm and works on audits of large clients, many were publicly traded. Doc became the firm expert on SEC practice and registrations and spent a great deal of time traveling. Lloyd got his nickname because he claimed knowledge of just about every issue that arose with his clients. Bill Nicol would often approach him while he was working on a job with, ‘What’s up, Doc?’ to inquire what was happening currently on the account. Eventually, the nickname “Doc” stuck.”


Introducing Investigative Accounting

Meaden & Moore’s insurance loss accounting business arises from work that Lowell “Newt” Baker does for a client. One of our clients suffered a devastating fire that threatened to put them out of business. Newt helped the company with their business interruption and contents insurance claims and was able to secure a larger settlement than the client had originally expected, thus saving the company.


A New Home

Meaden & Moore finds a new home at the Union Bank of Commerce Building (later called the Union Commerce Building, and through 2008, the Huntington Building).


New boss, new office

William B. Nicol becomes third managing partner. Bill becomes President of Ohio Society of CPAs, Cleveland Chapter in 1957. He is elected President of the Ohio Society of CPAs, from 1961-62. Bill was also active with the American Institute of CPA’s and served on the Council and Board of Directors.


Merger with Lakin & Clunn

Meaden & Moore merges with the practice of Lakin & Clunn, CPAs.


Columbus Bound

Firm opens its third office in Columbus, Ohio.


Newt’s impact

Lowell “Newt” Baker becomes fourth managing partner. Newt was instrumental in the Ohio Society of CPAs efforts to expand and help members compete in the consulting arena. He becomes President of the Society in 1976-77 and receives the Gold Medal for Meritorious Service to the Accounting Profession in 1985.


Meaden & Moore in the Windy City

Meaden & Moore opens office in Chicago, IL.


Martin up for Managing Partner and Award

James T. Martin elected fifth managing partner. James becomes President of the Ohio Society of CPAs, Cleveland Chapter, 1978-79 and President of the Ohio Society from 1991-92. Jim receives the Gold Medal for Meritorious Service to the Accounting Profession in 2000.

Jim, from the start, was oriented more to the accounting and audit areas. In the early sixties, he designed and wrote the firm’s first standard audit program.


New York, New York

Meaden & Moore opens office in New York City, NY.


A New Managing Partner

Lawrence J. Holland elected sixth managing partner. Lawrence was a member of TAG’s Executive Committee that evaluated the merits of merging with AGN International. He served as President of AGN International’s Executive Board, Chaired Cleveland OSCPA Chapter Relations with business professionals and Treasurer of the Cleveland Association of Hospitality Accountants.



Meaden & Moore opens Akron, OH office.



Meaden & Moore expands Akron, OH presence with Daywalt & Tobin merger. Office moves to new location. We also open new offices in Charlotte, NC, Pittsburgh, PA and Orlando, FL.


Third Merger

Meaden & Moore expands Wooster presence with Rogers CPA Group merger. Office moves to new location.


OSCPA Honorees

In celebration of its centennial anniversary, the Ohio Society of CPAs names 100 CPAs “whose contributions have shaped the profession in Ohio and around the nation.” Two of these 100 honorees are from Meaden & Moore – Lowell “Newt” Baker and James T. Martin.


Lucky Number Seven

James P. Carulas becomes seventh managing partner. James is elected Chairman of the AGN International Board and to the AGN International North America Board of Directors.


Off to the East Coast

Meaden & Moore open office in Boston, MA.


Going Global

First international office opens in the U.K. and forms Meaden & Moore International. JM Green CPA Group joins Meaden & Moore and expands our presence in Northeast Ohio.


Oh, Canada

Canadian-based LBC Firm merges into Meaden & Moore International.


Moving on up

Meaden & Moore headquarters moves to One Cleveland Center.

January 2019

100 Never Felt So Good

Meaden & Moore celebrates its 100th anniversary by donating $100,000 donating $100,000 to organizations that are focused on helping children achieve bright futures.

March 2019

Meaden in the Mile High City

Meaden & Moore opens an office in Denver, Colorado, opens an office in Denver, Colorado further expanding its forensic and investigative accounting and consulting services across the West.

July 2021

More Westward Expansion

Meaden & Moore opens an office in San Francisco, California, opens an office in San Francisco, California and becomes a leading forensic and investigative accounting firm in the city.

September 2021

Expanded Presence in Wooster, Ohio

The acquisition of accounting firm Long, Cook, and Samsa expands the presence Meaden & Moore has had in Wooster the presence Meaden & Moore has had in Wooster since 1965.